Saturday, November 22, 2008

11 Things I'm grateful for...
1. family and friends
2. gas being under 3.00 a gallon
3. food in my cupboard
4. Christmas break
5. my mom...
6. sharp scissors
7. cherry Pepsi
8. benadry
9. money in the checking account
10. that I'm not in grad school..
11. RUBY..because she makes me smile everyday...
So life has been crazy for the past couple of weeks. I opened 2 shows back to back, a Christmas Carol and Grease, and now I have hives on my neck and face..(i love stress) . Ruby is turning 2 the day after thanksgiving, I can't believe that she's 2... She is so sassy and bossy, she gets that from her dad. Speaking of Landon, we are both looking forward to the end to his first semester of grad school. This fall has sure gone by fast. My mom has been staying with us and I'm so grateful for her, I don't know what I would of done this fall without her. She helped out a ton with grease.. My poor 72 year old mother, I had her gluing rollers on hats and sewing stupid cheer skirt. We are all looking forward to yummy turkey and pumpkin pie..We are having thanksgiving up here in Logan, with both my family and Landon's, It will be a packed house.. We love and miss you all..

You scream.. I scream.. We all scream for a wet wipe..

Ruby loves watching 101 dalmations, Jungle Book and her new favorite Kung Fu Panda..
she also love puzzles and books..
Ask me how I feel about 101 dalmations, Jungle Book and Kung Fu Panda..
I bet you can guess.. And I have all of her books memorized..
You just have to love kids...
Ruby's Halloween Costume

It took a lot to get her into this thing..I thought I was going to kill myself..
We had a good time trickier treating, all the grand kids went out together..