Sunday, September 27, 2009

Summer of 2009...
I know that I have not blogged in a very, very long time. Life has been crazy..I can report that it has been a summer of a lot of fun, and many watermelons were eaten. Even though I had to work like a crazy person, I was able to have fun as well. Here are some highlights of the profaizer family of summer fun
*turned 32
*went and visited my dad and family in Illinois
*ate 16 watermelons
*lost 10 lbs
*learned to fly fish (Landon..I don't fish)
*the "curse in"
*Fire works
*survived my 9th season of the OLRC
*worked in the costume shop with no air conditioning
*the farms market
*Jackson Hole
*planted flowers & didn't kill them
*summer fest
*snow cones
*Cedar City
*swimming pools
*family and friends
well, that is my summer in a nut shell....hope the fall is just as fun..